Learn About “How to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing”

With the booming of the Internet and the uncertainties in the economies of the world, Digital Technology offers today a variety of solutions for those who want to create a business but do not have enough capital to open a store, or are not willing to work for a company on a 9 to 5 basis for a fixed salary 

One of the best solutions to combine a low effort in time and money, and a potential steady profit, is definitely Affiliate Marketing. Let’s get deeper into that and find out how you can become a successful Digital marketer, and earn money from Affiliate Marketing.


Since Affiliate Marketing is a unique solution to passive income, there are many underlying aspects to cover before treading onto this path.

In this well curated course we will touch upon various aspects such as:

  • What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the way of earning a commission promoting another person’s or business’ product to your audience. A piece of the profit from each sale that you make is your gain.  

You do so without working for a company, it’s like a reward you obtain for sending new customers to the company or the person you advertise.  

As soon as you have a place where to recommend products, you can earn money from Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to earn money online, but you must have a specific plan and an excellent strategy to succeed. 

A website, a podcast, a Social Media account, any of these would work to kickstart your Affiliate Marketing business. 

How Affiliate Marketing works step by step?

Where to start? Here is a list of the six essential steps you can use to build a strong backbone for your Affiliate Marketing business endeavors:

1. Pick Your Niche

Select a specific area in which you will promote products to your audience. What is your target? You need to answer this question first. Do a short self-assessment exercise by answering these questions:
    • What topics am I knowledgeable and passionate about?
    • Do people search for my chosen niche?
    • Will demand for my niche remain consistent over time?
    • Is there a lot of competition for my niche?
    • Are there affiliate programs that work within my chosen niche?
Answering these questions will give you the product or products you want to start promoting.

 2. Assess Market Demands

Once the niche has been selected, it is necessary to evaluate what people demand in that marketplace. Identify what consumers want to buy, and then include those items into your marketing strategy. 
Google Trends is an excellent source to start with, for it tells you how often the users search on Google per topics and categories. If there is a consistent demand over time, say over the last 3-5 years, that item is a potential money-maker for you.

3. Analyze the Competition

Determine how much competition you have in your chosen niche. You can do this by using research tools such as Ubersuggest, or Clickbank. Combining both will give you a comprehensive view of your marketplace’s performance. Too much competition and low demand are the worse you can get, while a high demand with relatively low competition would be your hot spot.

4. Research Affiliate Programs

These programs are websites that act as brokers between merchants and affiliates. Here is where you begin your relationship with companies and individuals who have products to advertise.
Ask yourself a few questions before you select the program that fits your strategy:
    • What merchants are using the affiliate program I’m looking at? 
    • How much commission am I likely to make from my program? 
    • Do I want to be associated with the program, and the brands selling through it? 
    • What kind of support does the program provide me with? 
Choosing the right program is the springboard to creating a profitable partnership and making money from Affiliate Marketing.

5. Pick Your Affiliate Marketing Tactic

The two most popular tactics utilized by affiliate marketers are:
– Making websites, blogs, or marketplace platforms
– Running paid Ads
Building a website is like creating your virtual company, and there are great free options you can go with, like Wix or WordPress, but you can also use a Hosting service like Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostinger, etc.
If you want to start off with a blog instead, your best choice is to find a template theme that represents you and your goals, so that the audience will get the feeling of the experience you are offering them.
Populate your new platform using images taken by you or sourced via Stock Photos.
Then, you need to work on your content.

6. Create a Killer Content

Content is King, no doubt about it. It works in marketing as well as in many other creative fields. 
Your content here can be simple blog posts, product reviews, tutorials, podcasts, etc. You can be as creative as possible, provided that what you deliver is quality and fits your target audience.
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Why affiliate marketing is booming in the 21st century

Being a highly cost-effective way to market existing products or services, Affiliate Marketing allows businesses to make a profit from the support of other, marketers. It is usually cheaper than traditional advertising and can be targeted to the right audience directly from home. Coming from an independent source other than the company itself, the audience will perceive Affiliate Marketing as a more credible promotion.

The boom of Affiliate Marketing in the 21st Century therefore shouldn’t be much of a surprise, since we are living in a world where the economy is unstable, the costs of materials increase by the day, and building anything in real life would take time, efforts, and money that most people don’t have, and a lot of companies are not willing to give.


How fast can you make money from Affiliate Marketing?

Realistically, it will take two to three months before you can make your first sale, most especially so if you are new to the industry. Why? Because affiliate marketing is not a brick-and-mortar business where you peddle your ware on the street. Consumers online do not know who you are, much less trust you to buy from your recommendations.

Which Affiliate Marketing is best for beginners?

  1.  Amazon Associates
  2. Commission Junction
  3. Impact
  4. Awin
  5. ShareASale
  6. FlexOffers
  7. Sovrn //Commerce
  8. Skimlinks
  9. Fiverr

Which Affiliate Marketing pays per click?

  1. Adsense
  2. Media.net
  3. Ezoic
  4. Mediavine
  5.  AdThrive
  6. SkimLinks
  7. Propeller Ads
  8. Infolinks
  9. Outbrain
  10. Revenue Hits

Which niche is best for Affiliate Marketing in 2022?

  1. Technology
  2. Wealth Building
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Fashion and Beauty
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Hobby and DIY
  7. Pet care
  8. Travel

Which website is best for Affiliate Marketing in 2022?

  • ShareASale Affiliates
  • Amazon Affiliates
  • eBay Partners
  • Shopify Affiliate Program
  • Clickbank
  • Rakuten Marketing Affiliates
  • StudioPress Affiliate Website
  • Cj Affiliate Publisher’s Program

  Which platform is best for Affiliate Marketing?

1. ShareASale

2. Awin (Formerly Affiliate Window)

3. Amazon Associates

4. CJ Affiliate (Formerly Commission Junction)

5. Rakuten Marketing (Formerly LinkShare)

6. Avangate Affiliate Network

7. ClickBank

8. FlexOffers

9. Walmart Affiliates

10. eBay Partner Network

Which product is best for Affiliate Marketing?

  1. Virtual Reality affiliate products
  2. Drones affiliate products
  3. 3D printers affiliate products
  4. Accessories for Phones affiliate products
  5. Portable LED spotlights affiliate products
  6. Home Automation System affiliate products
  7. Home Security & Surveillance Systems affiliate products
  8. Hoverboards affiliate products
  9. Wearables affiliate products
  10. Managed cloud hosting affiliate products
  11. Gym & Fitness Equipment affiliate products
  12. Travel and Tourism affiliate services
  13. Fashion affiliate products
  14. Safety Apparel affiliate products
  15. Jewelry affiliate products
  16. Gaming affiliate products
  17. Pet Grooming affiliate products
  18. Subscription Box affiliate products
  19. Food Delivery Systems and Coupons affiliate products
  20. Child Care affiliate products
  21. Online classes and learning resources affiliate products
  22. Office Accessories affiliate products
  23. Garden Equipment affiliate products
  24. Kitchen attire and equipment affiliate products
  25. Items for Lighting affiliate products
  26. Accessories for computer affiliate products
  27. Insurance affiliate products
  28. Accessories for vehicle affiliate products
  29. Add-ons for bicycle affiliate products
  30. Bottles & Protein Shakers affiliate products
  31. Backpacks affiliate products

Final Thoughts

Affiliate Marketing is a business that is constantly growing. As a matter of fact, you can find marketing teams across the globe embedding Affiliate Marketing into their corporate strategies. It is of course not that easy to achieve a steady and lucrative monthly income, but considering the low amount of time and money needed to start up, it is still your best bet.

Affiliate Marketing can be a way to get a reward with not much risk. The beginning is your key, and if you do things right, you will reap what you sow in abundance. Never give up!

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