About Us

K2Space is the landing platform for all Tokens, Coins, & NFT Projects that we host or create. One-stop service to launch your Crypto endeavors from the idea to reality with a mix of technical & creative skill sets; we strive to have a dynamic approach in every concept we develop, & it is meant to stay & evolve. We help launch start-ups and educate individuals about the Digital world and educate them of new exciting opportunities in the Decentralized systems.

Main Goals


To create a safe and secure environment in the Digital sectors promoting awareness, sustainability and freedom in the use of technologies.


K2space is committed to engage in an ethical & sustainable business, to expand its network of partners and customers founded on mutual trust, transparency, and integrity, & ultimately to contribute to local communities education and awareness.


EDUCATE, EMPOWER, ESTABLISH  the reality where  we learn, earn & prosper as a collective society.

Governance at K2Space

  • Diego Antolini -President, CEO
  • Michael He - Merchandise
  • Alex Gonzalez - Investors Liaisons
  • Tim Dever - Director of Communications

Diego Antolini Is An Entrepreneur, Business Coach & Business Consultant, And An Independent Researcher.

He Is The President & CEO Of K2Space Corporation. COO Of Alliance Trade Network, USA-Based Company Working In The IT Industry Since 2012.

Business Coach(Italy & China Since 2017).
Diego Is One Of The Few Foreign Lecturers Of Alibaba.Com Platform. Co-Founded X-International Co, Ltd In Shenzhen, China, A Trading Company Operating In Mainland China & Overseas(2020 ) Diego Has About 15 Years Of Experience With The Asian Markets Including China, Japan & South East Asia.

Michael He Has Many Years Of Internet & E-Commerce Experience Since 2011.

Michael Is A Member Of The Board Of K2Space Corporation As A Director Of Merchandise. Experienced In International Trade & Has Extensive Trading Experience In Many Industries.

He Served As A Trade Consultant And Training Instructor For Many Companies.(2016 To 2019) He Established Shenzhen X-International Co, Ltd In 2020 To Engage In Trade Business Within China & Overseas Markets.

Born & Raised In Los Angeles, California. Alex Has Spent His Professional Career In The Hospitality & Entertainment Sector, As Well As Working In Technology Sales, And The FinTech Space.

When He Is Not Working , You Can Find Him Enjoying Watching Soccer, Hockey, Exploring Southern California With His German Shepard, Or Playing Guitar And Listening To Every Genre Of Music There Is To Enjoy.

Lifelong Cereal Entrepreneur & Business Builder, Tim Is Now Focused And Dedicated To Restoring The Constitution & Common Law In The USA. While Fighting Diligently To Secure New Levels Of Freedom For All The People Of This Realm


Meet K2Space managers, a group of young & creative people that carry out an impressive number of tasks in & around the World Wide Web.

Asia Bellucci

IT Manager

Steven Barboza

Web Manager

Kristal Dchuna

Media Manager

Neha Sonawane

Project Manager