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earn money from instagram reels

If you have decent engagement with your profile, it is time to earn money from instagram reels. 

Through 10 straightforward strategies, you can turn your Instagram profile into a money-making machine.

Read below and start earning money from Instagram Reels right now 

10 Strategies To Earn Money From Instagram reels

1. Working With Brands via Sponsored Contents

A lot of influencers can make up to $500 per post, and it’s growing. Earning money by uploading photos is absolutely possible, all it takes is for you to optimize your profile, keep gathering followers, and join such platforms as Upfluence.

Remember, if you want your reels to go viral on Instagram, Brand collaboration is a must.

2. Earning Via Affiliate Marketing

Although Instagram forbids you from adding links to your posts, you can use Link.tree or tools to add a group of links to your bio (where links are allowed.)

Once you have an affiliate link ready, paste it on your bio and create related contents to increase sales. If anyone purchases from your links,

you will earn commissions. Way to go, right? And then, make money from Instagram Reels 

3. Selling Products With an e-Commerce Store

This can be a perfect strategy to earn money from Instagram reels in India. Create your own e-Store and make your followers potential customers for your products. As the e-Commerce market is on a bullish trend, put your creativity at work with a post-and-sell tactic.

Besides using Instagram Reels Shopping, you can tag your products directly on Reels.

Platforms like Shopify, Ecwid, Wix, ShopBase, and others can help you set up an e-Store in no time! What are you waiting for?

4. Reels Play Bonus Program Set-up

By the end of 2022 Facebook will invest $1 Billion to stimulate creators to create content across its social media with Instagram Reels Bonus Eligibility. Instagram Reels falls under the Reels Summer Bonus. Go to the New Bonuses section on your Instagram to find out more about this great opportunity and learn about the Instagram

Reels monetization requirements and Instagram bonus eligibility.

If your performance is outstanding you may earn up to $500 for reels you create in a 30-day period.

5. Driving Traffic To/From Your Website

Exploit Instagram’s popularity by driving traffic to your website or YouTube channel to earn money. You can build e-mail lists, newsletters, and community blogs to increase traffic and earn money from Instagram reels

6. Promoting Other Instagram Accounts

This is the second most popular strategy to make money from Instagram reels.

When you post, mention the activity of another Instagram account in your caption, and ask your followers to check it out and follow the account.

This is called a “shoutout”; it costs less than a sponsored post and doesn’t look invasive.

Just to put things in perspective, a 100K-500K follower Instagram account can charge around $250 per shoutout.

Money well spent is money earned!

7. Developing an Instagram Account And Flip It For Profit

You may consider leveraging Instagram reels to build up followers and sell the account to make money.

Note that Instagram forbids users from buying and selling accounts, and yet some people can manage to flip their accounts and generate over $30,000 annually.

At the current market rate, 1000 followers earn you about $10 on the marketplace, and for the 10k follower income, you can make $100 bucks. Find out more on Insta Sake and Social Tradia.

8. Selling Designs on Print-On-Demand Platforms

Several platforms can fit the scope, namely RedBubble, TeePublic, or TeeSpring. They allow you to create art on commodities (T-Shirts, mugs, phone cases, stickers), set prices, and sell them on their marketplace.

Use your Instagram Reels to introduce your exclusive designs and invite customers to purchase. You would earn money through the difference between your price and the product costs.

Those marketplaces will handle the shipping process for you. Do it now!

9. Offering Freelance Services

Are you an expert in a particular sector? Be it writing or consulting, coaching, coding, or drawing, put yourself out there and start making a healthy, steady income.

Payoneer states that an average freelancer in the U.S. makes about $30/hour. Not bad, huh?

Use Instagram Reels to promote freelance services, of course, the reels should be related to your area of expertise.

10. Creating Inspiring Killer Contents

At the base of all the strategies for earning money from Instagram Reels is the right content development. This means you need to engage your followers and keep them interested in what you have to offer and also you can create trend topics such as NFT, and crypto Be steady, cool, and creative in all your posts, aiming at the 10k follower income objective. Direct and compelling text, amazing high-quality images, and funny and meaningful videos are the ingredients that will make you earn money.

Sign Up for the Instagram Reels Bonus eligibility program, Inspire others, and get paid for it!

Mistakes To Be Avoided When Creating Instagram Reels

1. Reposting and Recycling Content

Copy-and-Paste content from other apps just to save time and make quick money is not advisable, for more often than not people will complain about the low quality of the reels. They also don’t feel happy to see logos or watermarks from other platforms.

If you do so, know that Instagram will employ its algorithm to make your recycled reel less visible to the users.

2. Ignoring The Instagram Reels Guidelines

Don’t be lazy, rules are there for a reason, and you better know them if you want to earn money from Instagram Reels. The key points are:

– Follow Community Guidelines

– Share original and authentic content created by your Smartphone

– Stay relevant with cultural moments and topics

– Use Reels music and tools to avoid copyright breaching

– Don’t use “dated” references

– Don’t leave a storyline empty

3. Have an Inconsistent Posting Schedule

Be consistent with your history and activity when you post, and post regularly. This way Instagram will make your Reels appear frequently for your followers to see, boosting their visibility and increasing the chance to be discovered by other users as well.

4. Posting Too Many Different Video Styles

You don’t want to risk turning your profile into a melting pot of incoherent, unprofessional, and non-profitable posts. A uniform style won’t affect your visibility, the Instagram algorithm would distribute your reels just fine. In fact, consistency increases brand trust, which is essential to your monetization goals.

5. Not Engaging Your Followers

The majority of users on Instagram love entertaining, interesting, and inspiring Reels with fun twists or spark trends that can they actively interact with.

Engaging your followers in taking action to respond to your Reels is the key to earn money from Instagram Reels.

6. Not Focusing on the first 2 seconds

The first 2 seconds of your Reels are vital to foster engagement among your followers.

You want to avoid people scrolling past your content without allowing the algorithm to count it as viewed or liked.

All social media algorithms work the same way, the more views and as your content receives, the higher the chance to be recommended to other users.

7. Using Irrelevant Hashtags

Be meaningful and up-to-date with your posts, making reels with texts, photos, and videos. Using popular hashtags and music sends a strong signal to the Instagram algorithm and helps boost up your IG reels to a larger audience. This means, in the end, a chance to earn more money from instagram reels !

Earning money from Instagram Reels is the most effective way to maximize your Instagram content and your growing followers, and develop a healthy business with it.

Don’t miss this train as monetization in the Digital World can be your future, and the future is NOW!


1. Can You Make Money From Instagram Reels?

You’ll earn money from instagram reels based on the performance of your reel. The amount you earn per play may not always stay constant. For example, you may earn more per play as you’re getting started and less over time.

2. Does Instagram Pay For Views On Reels?

Instagram pays for reels but not regarding how many views it has got! It matters only if your reels get viral and then Instagram pays you a Bonus

3. How Much Does Instagram Pay Reels?

Somewhere in between $100 – $1000

4. Does Instagram Pay For Reels’ Views?

Instagram is also directly paying some influencers through incentive programs like “Bonuses” for Reels, which requires at least 1,000 views on Reels

5. How To Get Paid For Reels On Instagram?

Reels bonus program: Since launching Reels, Meta tested numerous ways for creators to monetize their projects, including the Reels Play bonus program, which pays a “bonus” to anyone whose Reels get at least 1,000 views over a 30-day period

6. How To Monetize With Instagram Reels?

Eligible content creators can now embed ads in their Reels or take on monetized challenges to earn money, and viewers have the new option to tip their favorite artists on the app.

The first (and most common) way to get paid on Instagram Reels is with Reels Play Bonuses. Play Bonuses allow you to get paid directly from Instagram after your Reels videos get a certain number of views during a set period. You have 30 days to complete the Play Bonus and get the view goal Instagram set for you

7. When Does Instagram Pay Your Reels?

Depending on your bank, payments can take between 1-7 business days. For each monetization tool, you’ll receive:

– An invoice around the 10th of every month, which will include earnings from the previous month’s pay period.

– A payment around the 21st of every month, if you made at least $100 in a given month or from your cumulative months’ earnings. For example, if you make $50 in April and $80 in May, you’ll be paid in June.

Note: If you change your account’s payout method 10 days before the date of payment, you won’t receive your earnings until the following month.

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