Our Clients

The X-Plan Group (ITALY)

The scope of The X-Plan Group is to present complete and detailed studies about various topics that fascinate Mankind since the dawn of time:

the X-Phenomena: myths and legends whose origins have been long forgotten, but whose effects are still very tangible in our modern life;
the X-Plan: the Grand Deception laid out by an elite of few in order to seize the resources of our planet, and to control the minds of people, thus annihilating their cultural identities. This would facilitate the creation of a Global Government that, at present, hides in the shadow.
These topics revolve around Nibiru, a planet-symbol of change, the sign of a new Era which will involve the whole Solar System, and beyond.

The X-Gates (ITALY)

The X-Gates is designed to give researchers, authors and writers the opportunity to let their work known to a large audience. By submitting articles and essays, our platform will set a price for each and publish itOur Graphic Design Team will create an attractive cover for the approved works, and our Marketing Team will promote them via our official channels (Our parent’s website, thexplan.net, which counts a daily average of 1000 hits worldwide, and our Social Media) and on the Internet.


Energy2karma was established in the 2020.

Energy2karma is a digital marketing company based in Mumbai.

We are a start-up which deals in media monetization .Currently we are using affiliate marketing to promote Indian & Foreign brand on the internet through our blogs, YouTube channels, social media & Influencers.