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One of the most sought-after features users have nowadays seems to be the possibility to watch posts and profiles on Instagram anonymously and without the need for an IG account.

Picuki filled that need, by providing a search platform where you can see insta posts and profiles without accounts, download them, and edit them.

What is Picuki?

Picuki.com is the platform where you want to be today. Picuki (or Pickuki or Picuki Instagram) is an editor and search engine for Instagram content. By using it, you can search for Instagram profiles, stories, posts, tags, and locations free of charge. You can check likes and comments under any post.

User Search Picuki on Google As?

What is the correct spelling for Picuki? Some type it as pucuki, pickiu, pikuki or pocuki, pickuki, pickuci. Different spelling alright, but the Google Search will redirect you to the same platform. Picuki is definitely the unique and best way for all Instagram users.

Picuki vs Instagram

The main difference between the two platforms is that Picuki has been designed to enhance and utilize Instagram features. If Instagram stops working, Picuki will be useless.

Instagram is a Social Media where people connect, post videos and pictures, and create stories.

Picuki is an Instagram Web Viewer that enables users to view IG content by providing all the features that Instagram does not provide, such as downloading, editing, anonymous search, etc.

Let’s take a look at the main differences in detail:

1. Connect With People – With Instagram you can connect with people, follow them, and like their content

With Picuki, you can only watch people’s profiles without sending a follow request

2. Chat With People – On Instagram, you can send messages to other users and make video calls.

With Picuki, you can only see their profiles.

3. Download Profile Pictures and IG Reels – Instagram does not allow you to download reels and pictures from a profile.

Picuki does and in a very quick and easy way!

4. Delete Content – You can delete your content and your profile on Instagram.

Picuki doesn’t let you remove anything from IG profiles.

5. Develop The Account – On Instagram, this is one of the main reasons for having an account. Make it grow with followers and high-quality content.

On Picuki, no such action is possible. You won’t see the growth of your account there.

6. Edit Pictures and Videos – On Instagram, you can select different filters for your pictures, and adjust the brightness before posting.

With Picuki, you will have a lot more features handy for editing and enhancing your IG content

Key Features of Picuki:

  • View Instagram account without having any account
  • View IG  stories anonymously
  • Instagram story viewer & Instagram story download
  • View someone’s Insta profile picture in full size and download its in original quality
  • Download pictures and videos
  • Edit pictures and videos
  • Copy caption & hashtags

How Does Picuki Work?

You can use Picuki in two different ways:

Go to www.picuki.com website, and type in the Instagram Account you want to search for on the Picuki Bar you will see on top of the Home Page.

Picuki will enlist all the IG accounts related to the one you searched, and all you need to do is browse through the list and click on the one you looked for.

On opening the selected Instagram account you will be able to see that user’s pictures, stories, videos, etc.

You can then browse all the posts of that IG account. If you want to download an image, select it and click “Download”. Enjoy!

Hashtag Search – Go to www.picuki.com website, and type in the hashtag you want to search on the Picuki Bar you will see at top of the Home Page. Make sure you select the “Tag” tab instead of the “Profiles”. The search results will display all the potential tags related to the one you searched.

Select the hashtag you want to see, and all posts containing that hashtag will be available for you. Just scroll down and enjoy!

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Is Picuki Anonymous?

Yes, Picuki let you search and browse IG profiles without having you register or log in or punch in your personal information. It is a completely anonymous IG content editor tool.

Picuki Alternative Website

Picuki has an alternative website that is as easy to grasp and use as www.picuki.com.

It is Reegram.com, and in case of picuki’s website is down, you can always turn to Reegram.com with no problem.

What is special about picuki?

First and foremost, Picuki is completely free, which in itself is a huge bonus.

Secondly, you don’t need to sign-up or create an account to utilize Picuki.

You can edit any Instagram post and save it in one click.

Instagram pictures can be downloaded in full size.

Several editing features and filters are available on picuki.com.

It is a secured and safe platform where you can search for trending accounts and hashtags as well as for profiles.

Method to Edit Photos Using It.

Picuki is the only Instagram editor and viewer that allows you to edit IG A/V content.

To download and edit pictures from Instagram using Picuki all you need to do is:

Go to www.picuki.com, search for a profile or hashtag, and browse the search results.

Click on the image you want to edit, and select the “edit” option.

Start editing with the several options Picuki offers, like brightness, colors, background, etc.

The uniqueness of Picuki Instagram is in that:

– You can download IG posts in high quality without logging in

– You can see an IG profile’s history

– It is completely anonymous, so none will know that you have searched for him/her

– You can edit all pictures and videos found on Instagram.

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Why picuki is not working?

Picuki may experience some technical issues that make its use not always smooth.

The server may be slow or the network may crash. If the site doesn’t respond, or if downloading IG content is not possible, consider using Picuki’s alternative website Reegram.com for the time being.

These glitches are usually taken care of by Picuki’s team, so you can go back to the website to check that it works properly.

What can’t we do on the Picuki website?

For as much as Picuki Instagram is a great tool for viewing and editing IG profile content, it has its limits.

You cannot:

– Post pictures and videos

– Edit posts that contain more than one picture

– Comment or Like IG posts

– Tag someone or upload a story

– Send messages to IG profiles or share content

– Access other Social Media platforms such as Facebook or Snapshot

Top 5 Alternatives to Picuki


SmiHub is an Instagram watcher and analyzer. It gives users the probability to analyze pictures or another brand’s Instagram estimations. You can, in the same way, explore and screen Instagram content without marking it in. With the available bits of knowledge, you can examine Instagram profiles, hashtags, stories, allies, stories, and regions, and that is just a glimpse of something larger. You similarly decide to download Instagram stories, accounts, and photos for nothing in a boundless total.


The free web application tool, StoriesDown, will allow you to enter any Instagram username and get data on late posts and dynamic Stories of that profile. Like other Instagram watcher applications, this works simply on open Instagram profiles. Assuming a profile is private, you won’t have the choice to get information on posts or stories. It is one of the best Picuki Instagram Search viewer alternatives for social media users across the globe. One phenomenal part of this application is that when you click on the Stories tab after making the IG username, an association is made available for you to download that Story. You’ll also know when that Story was posted.


Gramhir is both an Instagram analyzer and a watcher. Its algorithm makes it serviceable to separate your or another user’s Instagram account subtleties. You can see the record rate showing how notable an Instagram account is. When you access Gramhir’s site, notable Instagram profile experiences appear right away. With estimations, researching Instagram profiles, hashtags, enthusiasts, posts, stories, regions, and incredible stuff is more than possible. You can predict the number of inclinations and comments you can expect on your newly moved presents due to the permission to insights.


Another awesome technique for evaluating any Instagram profile, video, or photo is Fullinsta. Photograph. Fullinsta grants you to examine Instagram as a guest, so you can investigate and participate in a massive load of what Instagram offers that would be useful. It’s a web-based Instagram profile watcher that uses the rule of Instagram API to show clients and watchers their optimal content.

With Fullinsta’s help, you can scrutinize Instagram safely. Open the site association and type the Instagram hashtag or handle you want to screen. The matching record will then be available, and the complete profile will open. This Instagram watcher is a beneficial and clear strategy for seeing the substance of any genius, notable individual, and brand.


IGLookup is an Instagram watcher App you can use to see private Instagram photos of any Instagram profile without sending a request. You can quickly mind their photo revives subtly. The free web-based Instagram profile watcher ensures that their authentic gadget has no issue and is easy to use. You need to download no item.


Having a website that accounts for Instagram’s limitations is a great feature. If then that website is free to use, no need to sign-up or login, easy and quick to use, and safe and secure, you have the perfect tool for viewing and editing IG profiles’ content.

This is picuki.com (and its alternative website smihub.com.co).

Share this knowledge with your friend and enjoy the unique features that Picuki can offer!

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Is Picuki legal to use?

Picuki is a totally legal platform where you can search, view, and edit IG profiles’ A/V content that has been already made public by users.

Is Picuki safe?

It is completely anonymous in that the IG user will never know that you have searched his/her content, and edited it. It is a safe tool to use, it doesn’t as for any permission or cookies, and doesn’t present any risk to your device while using it.

Can I block someone on Picuki?

Yes, you can. Visit the profile page of the user, click on the 3-dotted menu on the upper-right corner, and select “Block”

Can I use the Picuki tool for free?

Picuki is a web tool that is completely free. You can edit Instagram pictures and then download them and share them with your contacts. You can also explore trending IG content like profiles and tags without paying anything.

Can I see the red key (private account)?

No, you can’t see private accounts using Picuki. You can only have an anonymous look at the public accounts.

Will people get to know when you look at Picuki?

No, picuki.com gives you full anonymity. This means that you will have no identity while using the platform. You can look at someone’s posts, profile pictures, and stories without them knowing it.

Does Picuki Have a Mobile App

There is no mobile App for Picuki as of yet? It is only a website. You can access it via search engines like Google.

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