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Abhishek You Are Invincible.

This project has a common host, ABHISHEK PATEL.

  • Abhishek has been acting and modelling for 16 years. He brings over 21 years of experience in martial arts viz. Goju-Ryu, Krav Maga, Kick- Boxing and Boxing.
  • He is a professionally trained dancer in the forms of Contemporary, Bollywood and Jazz. And as part of Terence Lewis Group (one of the leading dance troupes in India) for 4 years in Mumbai, where he performed various forms of dances.
  • He also invests his time as a Life coach for teens. He was part of the mind coaching team for Kings XI Punjab in IPL.
  • During this pandemic he has been giving his time to come up with his YouTube channel – You Are Invincible. Where he is fulfilling one of his aspirations to encourage and inspire millions on how to transform their life. To strive towards living their dreams by raising themselves to the higher frequencies

Abhishek Patel has interviewed

These are some of the guests for the 20 international interviews conducted by Abhishek on you are invincible.

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