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What does PLR stand for?

PLR is the acronym for Private Label Rights, and it is a tool that allows changing existing content – articles, videos, works of art, and selling it as an independent product. In this case, the buyer would select the product, and customize it until it becomes a different item of which the buyer can own complete rights, and use wherever he wants.

PLR is a subcategory of MRR or Master Resell Rights, whose parent category is RR or Resell Rights. PLR, MRR, and RR allow you to resell the product as well as its rights. In the latter case, the buyer would be able to resell the product without altering it. The difference between PLR and MRR is that with the former you can alter the product and even trade it for free, while with the latter neither is possible. Nearly any type of content can be exchanged with PLR services, including eBooks, software, educational material, video, music, and works of art.

What is PLR content?

The term PLR is often used to describe digital products like blogs, posts, and articles. The seller, once the PLR is sold, can continue to publish it and sell it along with the buyer of the product.

The different types of products most commonly found on PLR websites are PLR, MRR, RR, and PUR or Personal Use Rights (to be used for personal, non-commercial purposes only.)

PLR meaning

Private Label Rights are all those products sold by their creator in the form of a license that allows the buyer to use as a part or in its entirety.

PLR services also allow the buyer to change the existing content somehow, customize it and make it as personal as possible.

PLR websites

Here is a list of the top PLR websites you can find on the Internet to date: – PLR Products for Coaches

idplr – Lifetime PLR membership sites overall

BigProductStore – Lifetime Deal PLR Membership platform

DownloadPlrProducts – Cheap PLR Membership-based website

Resell Rights Weekly – Convenient PLR Membership-based website

PlrDatabase – Yearly PLR Membership platform

HealthandWellnessPlr – Health and Wellness PLR Membership-based website

MasterPlr – Health PLR Content

ContentSparks – Professional for PLR courses

PiggyMakesBank – Business PLR Store

PlrPlanners – Best Journal and Planner PLR Membership-based website

Are PLR products legit?

PLR content is sometimes referred to as “White Label” or “Resale Rights” content, and it is sold on the Internet by marketers and webmasters. The main concept is that with PLR content nearly all the rights of the item are being exchanged.

For as many benefits as PLR content provides to buyers, like cheap to purchase, ease to work with, and exchange, there are also severe dangers in using this tool. Here are the most important you should be aware of

Plagiarism – A lot of websites use third parties to write or purchase the rights of PLR contents. There is almost no way to vet a work completely for its integrity and uniqueness.

Duplicate Content Issues – All sites trading in PLR content sell it to multiple parties. Google can sense this and treat most of the versions of the same item as duplicate content, thereby giving the website a red flag. To fight this, some companies limit the times that a pack can be exchanged, although the number of PLR content traders is always pretty high.

Quality of Content – Most PLR service platforms sell the content in bundles, preventing the buyer from checking the quality of the content before making the purchase. Too often it turns out that the content has poor quality and requires a great deal of editing or has to be trashed.

How do PLR products make money?

Here are 7 strategies that you can use to monetize from buying and selling your PLR content:

  1. Build a list, and then monetize that list with relevant products. You may do this by selling your own products or other products via Affiliate Marketing.
  2. Affiliate Bonuses, are probably the most common method used by marketers. When they write a review for a product or promote it, they will ask to buy via their link and, in exchange, the user would get free PLR content (i.e. a video course, an eBook, etc.)
  3. Add Value to Other Products by giving the PLR to anyone who spends a given amount of dollars on a certain product, or by including PLR content in every order regardless of the price.
  4. Sell PLR services on Marketplaces, which you can do on platforms like Clickbank and Appsumo. You can potentially make sales where there is already a huge volume of customers. If they see a PLR service that you put on the marketplace, they may buy it.
  5. Inspire with Content, which means leverage your PLR content to inspire more content on platforms like YouTube or Medium or your own website or Social Media. This is more of a long-term strategy but it will pay off in the end.
  6. eCommerce, or selling the product in your own store. You can have an online bookstore or video course shop, and place your PLR content there for sale.
  7. Go Membership, take your PLR content, upload it to websites, create membership systems and sell access to use your content.

Is PLR copyright free?

While Public Domain works are widely available for free, or they have the option of being used freely, with PLR works there is a license attached to it – for their creators need to make money out of the exchange of PLR content. They usually create content for a certain trending topic or keyword such as “Pinterest Marketing”, “Crossfit Fitness”, etc.

Such content is 100% original and up for sale for anyone who wants to pay to get a license to utilize it.

In short, PLR contents are specifically made for resale or distribution, and most buyers buy them in order to make money off it.


What is a PLR ebook?

PLR eBooks are eBooks with Private Label Rights attached. Those rights give you the options to do anything you want with the content, from modifying it, rebranding, reselling, or exchanging for free. Moreover, you can claim your full ownership of a PLR eBook, combine it with other contents or convert it into different formats such as video and/or audio.

How can I get a PLR product for free?

Some platforms offer free PLR products, be it videos, articles, ebooks, reports, SEO keywords packs, software, etc. Browse the Internet to find the best platforms that suit your needs, but watch out for scams!

What is the best place to buy high-quality PLR products on the internet?

Locating the best websites for PLR material is not an easy task, and may end up in a total waste of time and money. What follows is our research into the best 10 platforms on the Internet where you can find good material for your PLR content:

  2. InDigitalWorks
  3. BuyQualityPLR
  4. IDPLR
  5. PLRMines
  6. Super-Resell
  7. Unstoppable PLR
  8. Resell Rights Weekly
  9. MasterResellRights
  10. BigProductStore

How to Sell PLR eBooks and Best Selling Products 2022

Here are a few steps to follow if you want to sell PLR eBooks online, choose and get high-quality eBooks, rebrand them to make them unique, choose the right website to sell your product, and promote it to make a good revenue:

1. Find the Best Source – It is important to harvest PLR content only on trusted sources. Here are the top 5 PLR service websites of 2022 that offer quality and affordable products:

PLR Hustle


PLR Database


2. Choose Quality PLR eBooks – See below a short checklist that will guide you through the real deal when it comes to picking the best PLR eBooks:

Do a quick background check on the author. In most cases, it’ll take you just a quick Google search to make sure that content is written by (1) native English speakers and (2) experts in their field.

One of the best ways to check the quality of a PLR eBook is to get a sample before you buy it. Conscientious PLR providers should always allow you to see a snippet of the content before you decide to buy it.

Look for positive customer feedback. Try to choose PLR eBooks that have verifiable testimonials (e.g., audio, photos, social media posts, videos, etc.).

Don’t overpay for PLR content. Not all PLR products that are priced way above the market average are necessarily high-quality. Always follow the first three steps to check the quality of the eBook, especially if you’re on a limited budget.

Look for quality, not quantity. High-quality PLR eBooks don’t have to be lengthy, they have to be filled with valuable information. Don’t just look for words on the page, look for well-written, concise, and genuinely useful content.

Check if the PLR provider offers good support. For example quick email replies, coaching calls, and guidance.


3. Rebrand your PLR eBook – Not all PLR eBooks need to be rebranded. A lot of them have ready-to-sell content. However, in the case you want to rebrand your PLR eBook to make it unique and original, take a look below:

Re-design the Cover to give your product a fresh look. Use Photoshop to work on the cover or alternative graphic content editing apps such as Canva or My Ecover Maker.

Re-write the book if you’re planning to sell on Amazon and want to avoid being flagged for plagiarism. You can use software like Spin Writer or edit the content yourself.

Add the author’s Bio in the form of short paragraphs to present yourself, your background, and some notable things about you. This will help you add credibility to your work and let the readers know about you.


4. Sell your PLR eBook – You can do so by opening an e-Store, selling from your own website, or listing your PLR eBooks on different marketplaces.