SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.


When we do SEO for a website or certain pages of a website, it means we want to rank the pages or the website for particular keywords in an organic way (without using any online Ad platforms like Google Ads or Bing Ads).

Some of the most notable examples of Search Engines are Google and Internet Explorer, Firefox, Bing, etc.


There are 3 types of SEO required to rank on any search engine. They are:

Technical SEO

In this service we work hand-in-hand with the client on the website’s technical issues to determine how we will rank it on Google. This includes adjusting broken links, loading time and improving around 400 more parameters of optimization.

On-Page SEO

A website needs On-Page SEO for Google to understand which keywords the website wants to rank on. On-Page SEO also includes finding the keywords of our competitors and ranking better then them on Search Engines.

Off-Page SEO

This method involves creating backlinks and posts on other websites and forums with high authorities, to help Google rank us better and faster than other websites.


When we do SEO for a website we need to know the following:

Check the potential competitors’ keywords;

Using focus keywords in the web pages or website up to 1%. For example, if we are writing an article on Bitcoin and the article has 1000 words, we need to use the word bitcoin 10 times in the whole article.


Using H1, H2, H3:

H meaning heading and 1-6 are the number of headings used in an article. These have to be in accordance to the whole article.

What is a backlink ?

Backlinks are we when your website is linked on other websites or forums. This helps us generating traffic as well as prompt Google to show the website in the search results of a specific topic.

Types of backlinks are “Do follow” backlinks and “No follow” backlinks.

  • “Do follow” backlinks are when we leave a hyperlink on another website.
  • “No follow” backlink is when we mention the website but do not leave a hyperlink.

We always need both “Do follow” and “No follow” backlinks because if we do only a “Do follow,” Google can flag the hyperlink as spam and block the website.


Guest Posting is another part of the Off-Page SEO tactic. In this method, we post articles on websites which talk about or are related to your product and website.

For this method we choose websites with high authority, which means websites which are already getting high amount of traffic on their pages.

This method helps us generate traffic from that website, and also helps us rank on Google as it is a very good rank indicator for search engines


Can I Rank my Website in 10 Days on Google?

The answer to this is yes, but generally it would take a big amount of budget and the website can be flagged as spam by Google bots, so mostly companies with a good budget take 2-3 months to start ranking on a particular keyword.

Do I Need to Do All Three Types of SEO?

Yes, in order to rank on any search engine and ensure an optimal performance you would need all three tactics: technical, On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

Will My Website Be on the Top 3 of Google SE Once the Ranking is Complete?

The answer for this is no, you would be ranking until and as long as  you continue to do SEO for a keyword. Once you stop, after reaching the top 3 position on Google, your position in the search engine will drop.

*What Determines My Ranking on Google and Other Search Engines?

Traffic is one of the biggest key factors indicating which pages Google should rank on top of its SE. The types of traffic are paid traffic, free traffic sources and traffic from social media accounts.