White Paper

K2Space is an online platform where projects and ideas can be shared, developed and attached as a launching pad for new tokens, coins and NFTS.

K2Space website will showcase the tokens which are supported by their respective projects. Hence the basic role of the platform would be to promote new technologies as well as decentralized systems opportunities.

k2Space.io is also a project in the crypto sector. This project aims at connecting business into decentralized systems. In centralized systems, any start-up or business needs to go to the banks or use conventional ways to raise funds.

K2Space is a revolutionary concept which will aim at changing the financial game for individuals, start-ups, companies, media and even art in the funding and development strategies.

K2Space.io will have a secondary source of income as well. This will be through online earnings. When we talk about affiliate marketing, it has many ways to earn from it.

“You can start your own marketing programs or give visibility on your website to other marketing programs. Both are known as ways to generate income.”

Project overview

For any start-ups, individuals, companies or artists which are looking for raising funds K2Space would help them by providing the following services:


As there is a lot of uncertainties in the world regarding crypto currencies and decentralized systems. K2Space will guide your project through all technical aspects based on the type of project, the country that project is established in, and any regulations to be considered for the smooth and legal implementation of the project.


This is a very important aspect when any company or individual wants to connect with the decentralized sector. K2Space would help with promote tokens, coins or NFTS in the market through our online P.R. team, including tailored campaigns on the major Social Media networks.

Website’s Main Features

Decentralized Systems-Oriented Blogging
Affiliating Marketing to Crypto Currencies
Showcasing New Events on Developing and/or Existing Projects
Latest News on the Whole Industry
Generating URLs For Each Program
Giving out Coupon Codes for the Sales and Purchase of the New Tokens as a Marketing Tactic.

Technological Assistance

  • Launching your own coin or token can be a hard task if you don’t know how blockchain networks work, and how crypto currencies are connected.
    K2Space would provide technical support to launch the project into the crypto space in straightforward and efficient ways.
    A person, start-up or company can choose one or more services provided by K2Space according to the type of project that needs to be launched.

Revenue Overview

K2Space will have many streams of revenue channels. These revenue channels would be the supporting hub for any decentralized tool created, and keeping the tokens or coins stable would be one of our priorities. The Revenue Channels would be as follows:

  • Revenue from launching new tokens, NFTS, Coins in the market for other companies or individuals
  • Revenue from launching new events and promoting them for the Digital space, I.e., webinars, live events, Videos-On-Demand
  • Initial services for Consultation, P.R. and Technical Support
  • In-house revenue through blogs, affiliate marketing, in-house K2S courses regarding the world of decentralized systems, etc
  • K2Space Token sales;

Technical Overview

  • K2Space is a project which would be focusing on the P.R. and Consultation segments of the Decentralized Systems Sector. In the first stage K2Space would be using Ethereum and/or Binance network for its ICO launch. After the launch and completion of the ICO stage, K2Space will develop its own Blockchain Network System (BNS) which would help start-ups, companies and individuals to grow under the K2Space Blockchain Network.

Token Allocation on the ITO Stage

Total amount of tokens to be generated – 50 million
K2Space would allot 5 million tokens for marketing out of 50million tokens
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Tokens for sale in the ITO stage will be 10million out of 95 million balance
Marketing and mining activities 15 million out of 85 million balance;
A Reserve of 70 million token will be used to hit the Exchange;

Funds Allocation From the ITO Stage

The 10 million coins will be offered in the ITO stage at $1 per coin which shall give K2Space a base funding of $10 million (USD).
These funds will be used for the following purposes:

Technology Develop for Stage #2, Creation of K2S Blockchain System – Estimated Costs $2 million
Marketing and Promotion of Stage #2 – Estimated Costs $3 million
Qualified Consultants Set-up worldwide – Estimated Costs $2 million
Staff and Projects Run – Estimated Costs $2 million
Contingency and Backup – Estimated Costs $1 million